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Chest Xray for immigration

The Department of Home Affairs requires all persons applying for a South African Temporary Visa which exceeds 3 months to submit a Medical and Radiological report.

Your general medical practitioner needs to complete your medical form and your radiology form can be completed at Lister Xray, which you need to undergo a chest x-ray to check if you have Tuberculosis.

Why do I need a chest Xray for immigration?

The Department of Home Affairs of South Africa requires that all prospective immigrants have a chest X ray.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is required for a chest X ray. Please check our opening hours.

How long is this examination valid for?

The examination is valid for 6 months

What will you provide?

We perform the examination and we will supply the X ray file, a radiological report, as well as an official signed letter to Home Affairs.

The report is issues with the X ray film

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