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We have a special interest in mammography which can include a formal digital mammogram as well as a high definition ultrasound examination.

Everything You Need to know about Mammograms

What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is a low dose x ray of the breast tissue.
What does a mammogram show?
Mammogram demonstrates the breast tissue.
It shows symmetry or more importantly asymmetry and gives an indication of breast abnormalities – most importantly to distinguish cancer from benign (non cancerous) lumps
Who needs a mammogram?
All women over the age of 40 years should have a screening test to check the health of their breasts. It is similar to why one has a pap smear. ie to make sure there is no Cancer.
Do men also have mammograms?
Men also get breast lumps and even breast cancer too
Will my medical aid pay for a mammogram?
  • Most Medical aids DO pay for a mammogram.
  • Some pay from your screening benefit – meaning it does not touch your medical savings. So even if your savings are finished for the year, you may still be able to have mammogram under your screening benefit – please contact your medical aid.
  • If your medical aid does not have a screening benefit, payment will come from your savings.
Radiographer with patient

What do I need to know about the mammogram procedure?

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, you need to contact our office to make an appointment. You can contact us here.

How is the mammogram examination done?
  • We have only female technicians at 5th Floor Lister X ray Dpt who will take the pictures.
  • She will place the breast on the x ray plate with you in a standing position and the breast will be gently compressed and pictures taken.
  • Usually a series of four pictures are taken.
  • At 5th Floor Lister X Ray Dpt, all our patients also get an ultrasound examination of their breasts – included in the cost of the mammogram
How can I prepare for my mammogram exam?
  • You should wear a two piece outfit.
  • Do not put on any powder or roll on as this may show on the x ray pictures
  • Bring along your medical aid card and ID (if applicable)
  • Please bring your old mammogram pictures if you have them
  • Best to book you appointment after your menstrual cycle
  • You may bring your own gown if you prefer else one will be provided for you
Is the mammogram painful?

Usually not. It may be a little uncomfortable, especially if it is close to your period

When should I perform a breast self examination?
  • Best to examine the breast just after the menstrual period
  • This is to eliminate the confusion due to natural changes in the feel of the breast when the hormones are changing eg. the breast feels heavy or more lumpy or even painful
  • please read our article to find out more about a breast self examination
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